LipLoob: America’s most trusted lip balm brand

In cooperation with our amazing natural products distributors and wholesaler partners, LipLoob is quickly becoming a household name that people can trust to deliver safe and beneficial products!  Now we’re making it available to the hospitality industry!

Co-Label LipLoob with your logo and information

LipLoob takes a different approach to treating your lips.  When our hands get dry we don’t just coat them in wax, we add a moisturizer to replenish the dehydrated skin.  Why would we take a different approach to a lip balm?  Our lip balm formula uses oils of varying molecular size that allows it to penetrate each layer of skin in your lips.  This moisturizes them from the inside out, the same way we treat dry skin on other parts of our body.
  • Add your logos to our label for no additional charge
  • Great and inexpensive item to use as a promotional tool or gift
  • Barcodes included on each label for each point of purchase sales.
  • Perfect item for an easy and inexpensive upsell at registers.

Customize This Amazing Lip Balm Now! See Details Below!

If you or your organization is interested in purchasing custom LipLoob Lip Balm sticks or if you have any questions, please contact us using the contact link below.

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